Preview of our new interface

We recently had an overhaul of our entire interface in order to further enhance the usability and make our clients more comfortable using it. Here are some screenshots of the new interface:

New Publisher stats page:

choose traffic type

Apart from looking simpler and  simplified, we are confident you will find the new interface to be more efficient as well. The functionality will remain the same, but we worked on the ease of use. We are opened to suggestions and you should feel free to convey them to us.

Dinoads Team

Here are the reasons affiliate media buyers love working with Dinoads

Many of our largest partners are affiliate media buyers. They spend huge amounts of money with us and they consistently have good returns. Here’s why:

  • Self-serve platform puts the control in your hands
  • Try Dinoads for as low as £10!
  • The lowest minimum bids threshold in the industry.
  • Campaign approval within hours
  • Traffic source linking/blocking capability
  • Specialized tracking API and tokens.
  • Traffic Estimator and Campaign Planner.
  • Having a huge affiliate mobile network
  • Awesome bidding system that lets you bid more and pay less

5 ways you can increase your revenue right away using Dinoads

Here is a way to increase your earning with just 5 simple steps

  1. Use the Campaign Planner to plot out your strategy

Login and use our Campaign Planner often. It is an advantage to know how your campaign is doing at any moment.

If you are a serious media buyer, you’ll know the importance of getting in first and on a new opportunity. That way you can find a winning affiliate product and direct as much targeted traffic to it.

By using Campaign Planner regularly you will find opportunities where countries with a high volume of available inventory are trending at any given time, but with a low fill rate. From there you direct a relevant campaign to run an affiliate network, and you’re in business. Here us an example of it works:

These countries have a low filtrate and high volume of traffic:

  • Venezuela
  • Peru
  • Cameroon
  • South Africa
  • Egypt
  • Costa Rica
  • Uganda
  • Indonesia
  • Honduras
  • Kenya

We used Campaign Planner to obtain this data and you can replicate the process yourself. Just leave country filter at ‘Global’ and select a breakdown by ‘Country’.

  1. Create ads that people will like and want to click on

Media buyers who make good ads, make good money. You must first make an ad that appeals to the end user and then you can expect them to be interested in clicking your ads and eventually buying the products you are promoting.

Your ads are the only tool you have to attract the customers. So make sure they like them enough to click on them and hopefully make a purchase.

If you are using animated ads, be sure not to go over the top. Flashing and saturated ads do not produce results and user simply do not click on them.

Create banner ads for all standard sizes used in the industry:

  • Small (120 x 20) GIF, Animated GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Medium (168 x 28) GIF, Animated GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Large (216 x 36) GIF, Animated GIF, JPG, PNG
  • X-Large (300 x 50) GIF, Animated GIF, JPG, PNG
  • High Resolution (468 x 60) GIF, Animated GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Tablet (728 x 90) GIF, Animated GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Leaderboard (300×100) GIF, Animated GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Rectangular (300×250) GIF, Animated GIF, JPG, PNG

Text ads – up to 100 characters of text

Keep your ads simple. Try to convey a clear message on your ads that would make a user want to find out more, and click on it.

Make sure your ad reflects the product it advertises. There is nothing more deterring, or annoying, to click an ad and be taken to something that does not match it at all. Misleading customers with false banners leads to a poor click to sale conversion.

Be unique. Don’t just go for the standard ‘Download/Play’ banners. Create something that stands out, and a lot more people will notice it and click on it. Create something that is interesting to the user and makes them want to know about.

  1. Bid high, and Pay low!

Our Low Pay system is one of the best RTB bidding systems on the market. But we argue that is is even better! Why? You can bid high to win the traffic, but you don’t actually need to pay your winning bid price. You only need to match the next best offer and pay that much.

Let’s say that you bid £0.39 CPC and win. If the closest bid to yours was £0.05 CPC, that’s what you pay.

You can see how easy it is to win more of the traffic that converts ads into revenue.

  1. Use our Traffic Estimator to plan ahead

Traffic Estimator helps you choose the right amount to bid and the right funding strategy for your campaign. You can estimate the total traffic projected for your campaign, with detailed info like an average price for that traffic, traffic quality etc…All of that helps you estimate how much traffic your campaign might get. That way you get to save money testing your campaign before actually launching it.

5 .Tracking Tokens and Reporting API usage

Make sure you use our reporting tools! Log in and check them out under the ‘Tools’ section. Tracking your campaigns makes all the difference! You can track publishers who are delivering them as well and it can w greatly impact your media buying capabilities. We also offer third-party tracking services integration that you can implement either in our interface or in your URL.

Using our tracking tokens shows you which publisher zones are delivering the traffic and how that traffic is making you money. Simply by knowing what traffic converts, you can adjust your campaigns accordingly. Information is the key to increasing your earnings!

Our Reporting API is able to show the same statistics you can get from our web interface in other formats like JSON and CSV. That way you can tabulate and interpret the results any way you like it.

We are hoping that you will follow these steps and make the most out of our platform. Your success is our success as well.

Dinoads team